Wrongful Death

“Wrongful Death” is the terminology used to describe the tragedy which occurs when a death is caused by the actions of another person, whether willful or negligent. In such cases, a family member or loved one can file a wrongful death suit on behalf of themselves or other loved ones. In most cases, these types of lawsuits would be filed by, or on the behalf of the victim’s spouse, child, or parent. Wrongful death suits can result in significant monetary damages, and are often very detailed. For this reason, if someone you love has been the victim of a willful or negligent act which resulted in their death, you will need a good personal injury lawyer.

Wrongful Death Attorney

There are many different circumstances that can create a cause of action for a loved one to file a wrongful death suit. When should a person contact a personal injury attorney about filing a wrongful death suit?

When to Contact a Wrongful Death Lawyer

• After a loved one has died as the result of an automobile accident. This would include accidents that were caused by another driver’s negligence, by the deterioration of roads, bridges, etc, and more.
• After the death of a loved one caused by drowning in a pool, ocean, or other body of water. This would include city pools, personal pools, lakes, or drowning which occurred during a river rafting, or tubing accident.
• After a loved one has passed away due to negligence in medical malpractice by a doctor, dentist, nurse, hospital, or other medical professional. This would include issues after surgery, misdiagnosis, death due to reactions to prescribed medications, and more.
• After the death of a loved one caused by slipping and falling. This would include falls in a restaurant, hotel, shopping center, mall, etc.
• After a loved one has been fatally injured in any type of construction accident. This could be a construction worker or a visitor to a construction site as well as the owner of the site where construction is being done.
• After the death of a loved one has been caused by defective products, whether commercial or consumer. This could include many scenarios, whether the defective product was a ATV, boat, car, truck, appliances, tools, and much more.
• After a loved one has died as the result of nursing home abuse or neglect. This could also be cause for a medical malpractice suit.
• After the death of a loved one has been caused by an explosion or fire.

Wrongful Death Lawyer

If any of the above apply to your case, or if you have questions as to whether or not you have cause to file a wrongful death suit, you will need to contact a good wrongful death attorney. Our lawyers have years of experience in handling such cases with dignity and respect to ensure that our clients receive the