What is Personal Injury?

Every year, hundred of Americans are seriously hurt or injured due to carelessness or negligence of others. Often, the scars from such injuries are not only physical, but emotional and financial as well. Many of those injured lose time at work due to physical and emotional pain, and face huge amounts of stress due to mounting medical and household bills. In the state of Massachusetts, such victims must prove that they have been injured as a direct result of another’s carelessness or negligence in order to receive compensation for their pain. If you have been a victim of such an injury, you may need a good personal injury lawyer in Boston.

There are many types of injuries for which one could claim personal injury and need a personal injury attorney. One can make such a claim for both physical and psychological injury from many different causes.

Personal Injury Can Be…

  1. Injury due to automobile accidents – This could include vehicle accidents involving one or more vehicles, vehicle and pedestrian, ATVs, RVs, etc.
  2. Defective Products – If an injury has been caused from a product which did not work as it was expected or advertised to do, an accident lawyer could determine that there is a personal injury case.
  3. Medical Negligence – When doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are shown to have caused injury due to their negligence, then a medical malpractice attorney should review the evidence for a medical malpractice case.
  4. Slip and Fall Accidents – When someone is injured on another’s property due to slipping and falling. For example, if a pool of liquid is not mopped up quickly at a restaurant and a patron were to slip and fall, they could have a personal injury claim. A good premise liability lawyer can help.
  5. Construction Accidents – If you or a loved one as been injured as the result of a construction flaw or accident, you will need to contact a good personal injury lawyer.
  6. Machinery Accidents – In cases where an injury has been caused by faulty or outdated machinery, you may need a good injury lawyer.
  7. Inefficient Security – In cases where an attack or injury has occurred due to the absence or negligence of security which should reasonably be expected, a good injury law attorney may be needed.

Why you need a great Person Injury Lawyer

In any of these cases, the plaintiff may be awarded compensation for their pain and suffering. A good personal injury attorney will be able to prove negligence, strict liability, or misconduct, whether reckless or intentional. Once the expected burden of the evidence has been met, you may be awarded damages for your personal injury or wrongful death. If you feel that you have a personal injury case, contact us to speak with a great personal injury lawyer in Boston.