Product Liability

Every day in America, people are injured or killed because of defective products. It may be a defect in the design of the product, an error in the manufacturing of the product, or because of failure of the company which made the product to warn customers of potential dangers associated with the product. Because of these and other issues, personal injury or wrongful death can occur. In such cases, a good product liability lawyer can ensure that the victims are compensated for their monetary needs.

What Should You Do?

If you or someone you love has suffered personal injury or wrongful death due to product liability, you need to ensure that your rights are protected. It is important to hire a good product liability lawyer as soon as possible after the accident so that he or she can take immediate action. In many states, Massachusetts included, there is a Statue of Limitations on such cases, and in some cases the notice must be given within a very short period of time. These states are often very strict about the time limits for filing such cases.

Do I Have a Case?

As mentioned, there are three main causes for a product liability injury; design, manufacturing, and instructions. If the manufacturer was negligent, if the product was defective or the warranty was breached there may be a case of product liability. If the design of the product, either in the product itself or its packaging, causes harm, the manufacturer can be found liable. If the manufacturer failed to provide adequate instructions or warnings with the product, or if the product was faulty due to its manufacturing, a product liability attorney can help you receive compensation for time lost from work, medical bills, and loss of life.

Here is a list of some of the common products which can cause personal injury or wrongful death:

  1. Bedding and Clothing
  2. Sporting equipment
  3. Health and Beauty aids
  4. Toys, whether contaminated, faulty, or in cases of choking where there was not adequate package warnings.
  5. Medications
  6. Malfunctioning or recalled medical equipment, such as surgical screws, hip implants, transvaginal mesh, etc.
  7. Electronics
  8. Faulty automobiles and motorcycles, or parts such as faulty seat belts or airbags
  9. Faulty boats or airplanes
  10. Baby products, child safety seats, carriers
  11. Household appliances
  12. Power tools
  13. Ladders and other tools
  14. Industrial machines and other workplace products