Hospital Negligence

When things go wrong in life one of the first things that we as Americans tend to do is to call 911. This is the phone number to reach our emergency services…  in other words, how we call for help. Just the sight of an ambulance showing up in the driveway can bring feelings of relief as we know that soon the sick or injured person will be in good hands…at the hospital. Unfortunately, the relief can soon turn to despair if the hospital or surgical facility offers low-quality care. When hospitals make mistakes, patients can suffer anything from injury to death. In those times, you will need a good medical malpractice attorney. Here are a few reasons for you to consider hiring a malpractice lawyer.

Medical Malpractice Experience:

Mistakes During Surgery

  • During surgery can be a highly stressful time for surgeons, nurses, and assistants. When quick decisions are being made, the very life of the patient is at stake, and all too often, mistakes occur. When surgeons perform the wrong procedure, leave medical supplies inside the patient, or fail to react quickly and properly to emergency situations, hospital negligence has occurred and can be devastating for the patient’s recovery. Wrong site surgery and medication errors can also be a serious issue. When surgery errors occur, an experienced lawyer can give you an attorney consultation and help you with your medical malpractice case.


  • Often a case of nursing home negligence, bedsores can be very painful and even life-threatening for the patient. Sometimes known as pressure ulcers, these wounds can occur from hospital negligence or nursing home abuse. Medical workers and nurses from these locations are supposed to make sure that any patients who are unable to reposition themselves are moved regularly. When this does not happen, bedsores can occur. If you or a loved one has suffered from bedsores, you may want to consult with a nursing home negligence lawyer.


  • Misdiagnosis and/or failure to diagnose are also very serious mistakes for physicians and hospitals. When warning symptoms are present for a patient and the doctors and hospital staff fail to recognize them, very serious repercussions, including death, can occur. When any delay in needed treatment occurs due to failure to diagnose, or misdiagnosis, the patient or loved ones should seek a failure to diagnose lawyer.

Issues With Anesthesia

  • If the anesthesiologist is negligent during surgery and makes a mistake, the patient could suffer anything from pain, brain damage, post traumatic stress disorder, and severe injury or death. This can be caused by inadequate dosing of the anesthesia, poor monitoring of the patient, failure to use machines properly, and insufficient training. If you or someone you know has suffered from the hospital negligence of anesthesia issues, you should call a medical malpractice attorney.

Medication Errors

  • In the United States, over a million people suffer injury or death each year due to prescription or medication errors. These mistakes are easily avoidable, yet continue to be made by doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals. Medication errors can occur in hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, and doctor’s offices. Anyone who has suffered due to a medication error or other improper treatment could benefit from a consultation with a malpractice lawyer.