Failure to Diagnose Lawyer

In many medical cases, early diagnosis is vital to recovery. For some, early diagnosis can mean the different between full recovery and having to live with a disability, such as a lost limb or body part. In other medical cases, prompt and accurate diagnosis can mean the difference between life and death. Doctors and nurses are paid well to detect symptoms and see the signs of serious medical conditions. They spend years in school being trained to know what to look for, what tests to do, and how to diagnose their patients. If they fail to do so, the results can be devastating for the patient, and for their loved ones. In such cases, the doctor may be guilty of medical malpractice, and a medical malpractice attorney may be needed.

Medical Malpractice Experience:

Boston Failure to Diagnose Lawyer

Before a case of medical malpractice can be brought to court, there must be an injury at the hands of a medical professional. This could be anything from bedsores to an amputated limb, or even death. This medical professional could be a technician, nurse, doctor, or any other employee in the medical field. If the cause of the injury is negligence on the part of one or more of these medical professionals, you may have a case of medical malpractice. Misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose are both examples of medical malpractice. A doctor is not, however, held accountable for failing to make a proper diagnosis 100% of the time. This is because even the most diligent and careful medical professionals may have a difficult time diagnosing some cases. A medical malpractice lawyer can help you to discover whether or not you have a medical malpractice case.

Misdiagnosis Lawyer

There are many examples of failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis. When a doctor fails to suggest and perform certain tests which are common for a patient’s age, this can be a form of failure to diagnose. This can cause various diseases, such as cancer to go undiagnosed until it is too late to treat the disease. Dentists can also be held responsible for failure to diagnose, since tumors can be found in the mouth and jaw, and should be tested as well. Tests such as mammograms can be misread, leading to a case of failure to diagnose. In any of these cases, if the patient received injury or death due to the failure on the part of the medical professional to diagnose them in a timely manner, the patient or patients family could be awarded in a medical malpractice case.