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Every day people put their fate in the hands of trusted medical professionals. However, despite years of education and training, even members of the medical community make mistakes. Medical malpractice can cause extremely serious injuries and fatalities. Patients and in some case family members harmed because of a doctor’s error or by the negligence of a doctor, hospital, nurse or other medical professional or facility have a right to obtain compensation for damages.  Medical Malpractice Lawyers help deal with these problems and get you compensation for your injuries.

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Medical malpractice is defined as the failure by medical professionals to meet the appropriate standard of care for their patients. Malpractice may occur during the initial diagnosis of a patient, before or during any type of medical procedure or in post-operative patient care. Malpractice may also occur when a medical professional fails to recognize an important symptom or illness, discharges a patient prematurely or fails to prescribe an appropriate course of treatment.

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Basically, a medical malpractice attorney must show that the doctor failed to give a correct diagnosis in a situation where another, more diligent doctor or medical professional would have. If the doctor did not perform all the required tests that are normal for the symptoms which the patient was suffering from, or if the medical professional did not seek the advice of other medical professionals, then there could be a case of medical malpractice.

Also, in cases where diagnostic equipment did not function properly, there may be a case of medical malpractice, although the fault then may not be the doctor’s, but the technician who used the equipment, or the manufacturer of the equipment. Technicians may have also mixed up samples, missed something on a CAT scan or X-ray, or other forms of human error may have occurred which caused the medical professional to give a wrong diagnosis. This would also not be the fault of the doctor. If a patient has been harmed or killed due to misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis.

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