Divorce Modifications

After going through a divorce, many assume that their final judgment is permanent. This is not always the case. Families undergo changes even after a divorce decree has been issued, and those changes have to be addressed. Some of those changes, for example, could mean that custody arrangements would have to be reconsidered. Child support and/or alimony could also change as job circumstances did. Here is some information about divorce modification. If you need more information about divorce modification, give Boston Attorney Doug Lovenberg a call.

How Can I Get a Divorce Modification?

If your circumstances, or the circumstances of the other party in your divorce has changed, you may need to file for a divorce modification. In such cases, a family law attorney such as Doug Lovenberg can help to get the judgment modified. This process is carried out by one or both parties filing a complaint about the parts of the divorce that they feel will need to change. If both parties agree, then the complaint for modification is filed with an agreement for judgment. This type of modification would simple require a hearing for the judge to confirm that the two parties agree. In these cases, the agreement between the two parties must be in writing, and it is important to note that any agreement made outside the court is invalid.

Divorce Modification for Child Support Due to Lower Income

In any divorce situation, if one party is paying child support or alimony, and they have a drop in income, they should contact a divorce modification lawyer such as Doug Lovenberg. It is very important that you do not let your child support get behind, since each payment becomes a judgment the moment it is due. A divorce modification complaint is only good for lowering child support payments from the moment the complaint is made. So if you wait until you are behind on payments, the divorce modification would only help with future payments. With that in mind, it is easy to see why it is so important to contact a divorce modification lawyer as soon as possible. This is true even if the other party agrees to lower the child support payments…any prior payments will still be due. Whether you need to file for a child support modification, parenting plan modification, custody modification, or alimony modification, Boston Attorney Doug Lovenberg can help you get started.