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As a Divorce Law Firm we like to keep our clients up to date about the newest cases, trends in the industy, and provide tips for helping our people achieve the best outcome possible.  Our news posts hope to valuable to people who are either thinking about Divorce our are beginning the process.  Please feel free to go read our archives and find some tips that will help you. If you have any questions please feel free to call us any time.


In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, all divorces are treated the same way, whether same sex or heterosexual. Just as in any state, there are laws and rules in place which the courts must adhere to during the divorce process. There are, however, circumstances which can make the divorce process a bit smoother, or a bit harder. Here are some of the top divorce mistakes that people make in a Boston divorce. If you are considering a divorce in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, give Boston Divorce Attorney Doug Lovenberg a call.

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There are many issues in a divorce case, from determining child custody, spousal support, valuation of assets, and distribution of the marital property and debts. In cases where a party has been providing health coverage to the children and spouse through an employer based plan, the usual arrangement is that that spouse continue to provide that coverage despite the divorce. Read more

With the advent of the new year, you might want to view 2014 as an opportunity to review your marriage and see if divorce is right for you. Although no divorce is cause for celebration, it can provide a chance for a new life, free of the stresses and uncertainties of your current marriage. Read more

Unfortunately, some people to go to extremes if their spouse no longer wishes to remain married. Simply agreeing to a divorce may mean that they have lost control of a relationship that was likely abusive and they seek to punish their spouse. Many times their action results in tragedy. Read more

A divorce is nearly always a stressful time for both parties as well as for the children. Often, the parties are not civil to one another, have stopped communicating or only express themselves to each other in anger. One party may have started the divorce process by serving the other with legal documents, which may fuel the flames of resentment and result in retaliation. Read more

An amicable divorce is marriage dissolution where the parties have essentially agreed on all material terms of the breakup and is uncontested. Any Boston or Massachusetts divorce has to show grounds, which can be alleged as irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, also referred to as no-fault. You can also have an uncontested fault divorce. Read more

There is a consensus among many divorce lawyers and others that January is the “divorce month.” This would seem to make sense since people who have been contemplating a dissolution of their marriage seize on the new year as an opportunity to cut loose from failure and to begin anew. Others may be wanting to wait until the holidays are over before introducing the stress of a divorce into their lives and those of their children. Read more

It nearly always comes as a shock to friends and family when a marriage lasts only a few months or a year or two. Although no one wants to see a couple break up so soon, it may be the best thing to dissolve the relationship and move on rather than to endure what may be a poor match. Read more


Divorce can be costly. If you and your spouse are unable to agree on the major issues in your case, then legal and expert fees can run into the thousands of dollars.


The most costly expense is your attorney’s fees. Divorce attorneys charge by the hour and will demand an upfront, or retainer fee, before they begin work on your case. Many charge between $300 and $500 per hour so even a simple phone call could cost you $50 or more. Read more

Boston Divorce Attorney Doug Lovenberg understands the confusion, heartbreak, and stress than accompanies almost any divorce. This divorce lawyer has the experience and knowledge to guide you through this difficult time and find the answers to any question which you may have. Lovenberg understands the laws of marriage and divorce in the state of Massachusetts, and can help take some of the stress and confusion of a divorce off of your shoulders. If you are considering a divorce in the state of Massachusetts, give Boston Divorce Lawyer Doug Lovenberg a call. Here are a few questions and answers surrounding the subject of divorce. Read more