Woman sitting in the carMost commonly found in cases involving car accidents, negligent entrustment is a legal principle in which the entrustor is held liable for harm caused by the entrustee to a third party (plaintiff). If you are a victim of a car or other personal injury accident type in Boston, negligent entrustment may be applicable in your case. The follow provides an overview of what you need to know:

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According to a report from Boston.com, Gayle Johnson was struck and killed by an MBTA bus as she was trying to get home from her job in Wellington Circle in the mailroom of a bank. The fifty-two year old as identified as the person who was struck by the bus and then drug down the street. The accident occurred in the 400 block of Broadway near a fire station in Revere. Read more

Among teenage drivers, car accidents is a leading cause of death in the United States. In 2007, the state of Massachusetts added new requirements to the law which, were meant to lower the number of teenage driving accidents and accidental deaths. This law greatly increased the number of hours that teenage drivers were required to spend in supervised driving before they could obtain a drivers’ license. Now teens are actually required to drive under the supervision of a parent for at least forty hours, and with an instructor for at least twelve hours before taking the test to get their license. Parents of kids who are under the age of eighteen and wish to obtain a drivers’ license must also attend a two hour seminar before their child can be issued a license in the state of Massachusetts. Read more