Construction Litigation

When involved in any sort of construction disputes or resolution, the process can quickly turn into very trying construction litigation. Boston Business Attorney Doug Lovenberg understands this and has the knowledge and experience to handle all of your construction litigation needs. He is committed to using his understanding of Massachusetts business law to support and serve his client base of contractors, sub-contractors, and even suppliers in the best way possible, whether it be for contract negotiation, lien laws, supplier disputes, or other construction litigation issues.

Business Law Areas of Experience

Construction Litigation to Prevent Legal Issues

  Although he is fully prepared to represent his client in the courtroom if necessary, Attorney Doug Lovenberg understands that it is always best to avoid trouble. For this reason, he is always ready to help with  preventative measures to help insure that business runs as smoothly as possible. Planning ahead can help to eliminate many of the issues that can eventually lead to construction litigation. This is why having a good Boston business lawyer is so important when drawing up contracts, making agreements with other companies, and offering benefits, etc to prospective employees. But negotiating and drafting comprehensive contracts are just a small part.

Construction Litigation Experience

  • Construction Disputes – Even after drawing up the most extensive contracts, sometimes parties come to a disagreement in business matters. When two parties cannot seem to agree in practical matters of the contract, Lovenberg will make sure that your rights are protected.
  • Bond Claims and/or Mechanic’s Liens – There are unfortunately many occasions when someone does not want to pay for your services, on both private and public construction sites. If this happens to you, Lovenberg will fight for what you are owed.
  • Construction Litigation at Home – If you are planning any sort of home improvement in the state of Massachusetts, Lovenberg can help to insure that your contractors are acting within the laws of the state, and that your contract is legal and binding.
  • Construction Litigation on the Water – If you are planning a construction project in or around the wharf, port, or marina, the laws can become complicated. A good Boston lawyer can help to sort them out and protect your investment.
  • Construction Litigation in Real Estate – From start to finish, Boston Business Attorney Doug Lovenberg can help plan your construction project, deal with development and zoning issues, and protect your rights.