Business Torts

When dealing with business tort litigation, Boston Business Attorney Doug Lovenberg has the experience and knowledge in Massachusetts business law to help protect the rights of your company. A business tort is a claim that is made against a company, or by a company for any wrongdoing other than breach of contract. These wrongdoings usually cause harm to the business’s profits and/or intangible assets, such as business relationships, or intellectual property.  Our Medical Malpractice practice area is second only to out Business Torts practice area. Fraud, trade secret disputes, negligent misrepresentation, unfair trade practices and deceptive trade practices are all examples of business torts. Here are some others:

Business Law Areas of Experience

Examples of Business Torts

 Breach of privacy and Loss of data – Some of the most comprehensive laws regarding breach of privacy and data loss exist in the state of Massachusetts. All businesses in the state must not only comply with these rules, but also have a written information security program in order to avoid prosecution and/or civil liability.  A good Boston business lawyer can help protect your business in such cases.

  • Unfair trade practices and deceptive trade practices – Anytime a business or person uses deception, fraud, or other unethical methods to make a sale, provide a service, or otherwise obtain business, they are taking part in unfair trade and/or deceptive trade practices.
  • Misappropriating trade secrets – In general, federal law will not preempt state law when it comes to trade secrets. The only exception to this is the patent and/or copyright laws. For this reason, one would need a good Boston business attorney who understands Massachusetts state laws in trade secret misappropriation cases.
  • Breach of covenant of good faith – In most states, this is seen as a variant of breach of contract.
  • Trademark infringement – Trademark infringement is when a company or person violates the exclusive rights of another’s trademark without the owner’s permission.
  • Copyright infringement – Copyright infringement is in law is compared to piracy and theft. It occurs when a business or person violates the copyrights which are owned by another.
  • Defamation of business – This is usually known as giving false information about a company in order to hurt that company’s business.
  • False advertising – A company who gives false information in a commercial, ad, or other marketing ploy, which would persuade a person to buy a product or service, is guilty of false advertising.

 Other business torts which Boston Business Attorney Doug Lovenberg can handle for you include Interference with contractual relationships, Fraud, and Misrepresentation. Give him a call today to handle all of your business law needs.