Business Contracts

Boston Business Attorney Doug Lovenberg understands that contracts are the foundation of operating any type of business, no matter how large or small. There are contracts which state who your company will purchase from, and contracts which determine the factors surrounding any hiring that may be done. Contracts control the way business is conducted within a company, and how that company operates within itself, and with other companies. When a contract is breached, or a dispute arises about the content of a contract, a good business lawyer can help defend the rights of his or her client in the dispute. Boston Business Attorney Doug Lovenberg can help to keep the disruption and costs of such disputes as low as possible.

Business Law Areas of Experience

Business Contracts: Forming a Business

When forming a new business, there are many factors that need to be weighed. In order to be sure that you are protected by law in the formation of your new company, a good business lawyer can help with many steps of the process, including:

• Choosing the appropriate entity for your business
• How and when to issue stock
• Drafting documents and contracts pertaining to business formation
• Negotiating with venture capitalists and investors
• Negotiating real estate law, and arranging commercial space as well as commercial licenses for your business to operate legally
• Obtaining the needed tax and/or employer ID numbers or EINs and filing the needed paperwork with the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Lovenberg can help your business with drafting contracts and leases, as well as reviewing contracts which you may have already had drawn. He an help you to create sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, and corporations. If you need to register a trade mark and/or a service mark, he can help with that as well.

Business Contracts: Litigating Contract for the Business

No matter how carefully worded, all contracts can come under scrutiny or become the cause of a dispute. When possible, Boston Business Attorney will attempt to avoid litigation by settling the dispute is the most inexpensive and efficient way. If this cannot be done, then he is prepared to handle any sort of contract dispute which may arise, including:

• Insurance claims or disputes
• Disputes within the company
• Discharge disputes
• Breach of contract
• Violations of licensing
• Covenant disputes
• Partnership disputes
• Trade Secret, Restrictive Covenant, and Privacy issues
• Shareholder disputes
• Collection disputes
• Commercial lease disputes

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If needed, Lovenberg can also follow up with your business by attending regular board meeting to offer ongoing legal advice, filing annual reports, and other ongoing business services. Give him a call today.