Boston Business Litigation

No matter how large or small a company is, and regardless of how professionally its business is handled, Boston Business Attorney Doug Lovenberg knows that business disputes can quickly get out of hand. When this happens, a simple discussion can escalate into very complex litigation. In Massachusetts, if you have a business dispute which needs to be settled, Boston Lawyer Doug Lovenberg has the experience and knowledge to help ensure it is settled fairly for your company. Whether the issue is a simple business contract, trade secrets, intellectual properties, business tort litigation, or securities, he will fight for your business.

Business Law Areas of Experience

Types of Business Litigation

  • Business Contracts- Most companies enter into some sort of business contract on a regular basis, some of them every week. These contracts could involve something as simple as hiring an employee, or as complex as selling a million dollar idea. You will need a Boston lawyer who understands business law, can interpret the various provisions involved, and knows how to insure that your contract is enforceable.
  • Business Torts – A business tort is a wrong which is committed against a business and/or by a business. When this results in harm to the profits of the wronged company, or its intangible assets, a business attorney can help make sure they are compensated.
  • Employment Litigation – Business Attorney Doug Lovenberg can handle all types of employment litigation, from discrimination, harassment, and wrongful discharge to misappropriating confidential company information, defamation, and unfair competition.
  • Construction Litigation – There are many types of construction related claims which are made in lawsuits all over the state. Boston lawyers handle construction litigation cases involving negligence, worker’s compensation, contract building, faulty construction and/or machinery, code violations, and more.

Handling Business Litigation

Boston Business Attorney Doug Lovenberg handles all sorts of business litigation, and will fight for your company, no matter how large or small. Whether you have a simple breach of contract, or a million-dollar fraud case, he will use his knowledge of business law to protect your company’s assets. He can also help to prevent a dispute by reviewing contracts and offering legal advice for business decisions and ventures before a contract is even drawn up. His experience gives him the wisdom to know that often prevention of a dispute is the best outcome for all parties involved. If you are considering any type of business contract, give Boston Lawyer Doug Lovenberg a call first.