Property Settlement

As any good Boston divorce attorney knows, the courts of Massachusetts sees divorce as the division of a financial partnership. While the state is considered to be an equitable division state, this does not mean that everything will be divided equally. Many issues will be considered by the court before the division of property is ordered. These issues could involve the length of the marriage, the health and age of both parties, the conduct of both parties, whether each party is employed or employable, liabilities, and such.

Property Settlement Lawyer

Some other issues which a divorce lawyer in Boston would consider in a property settlement case would be whether one or both parties owned a business, private practice, corporation, etc. Cases where one party helped the other through school, or financially contributed to the other party’s career are also important settlement disputes. The value of any businesses, tax issues, and such have to be taken into consideration, as well as investment properties, trust funds, bank accounts, pension plans, stocks and stock options, savings accounts, and off shore accounts. A good divorce attorney in MA would understand the state’s laws and how to use them to protect your assets. A divorce lawyer should also look for any hidden assets which the opposing party may not have disclosed.

The Best Lawyer for Property Division

When considering the issue of property division, a divorce lawyer in MA should be knowledgeable in both tax laws and family laws in the state. The divorce attorney should also be familiar with alimony and child support laws as well. The divorce lawyer would fight to make sure that any tax benefits that you deserve would be awarded to you. While divorce can be a very stressful and painful time, a good divorce attorney in Boston will be able to help you separate the emotional issues from the financial ones and help protect you..and any children who may be involved.

Property Settlement Process

Another issue which a good family law attorney in Boston would make sure to address would be determining which assets are individual and which are marital. Since full disclosure from both parties is needed in order to make that determination, our divorce attorneys will not hesitate to issue subpoenas for any paperwork which the opposing party refuses to provide. We will also be glad to call in experts on taxes, property valuation, and forensic if needed. It is our goal to protect you and your assets, ensuring that you receive the best property settlement possible in your case.

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