Military Divorce

Divorce can be the most difficult time in an adult’s life. With the stresses of property division, child custody, and child support, the emotional issues surrounding the end of a marriage can become extremely overwhelming. Divorce is much more than the separation of two lovers and the battle over who get the house and kids. It is a very complex legal matter which requires someone familiar with Massachusetts state laws to help guide the parties through it. When one or both parties are in the military, the complications can be very much greater. If that is your case, then you will need to find the best family law office in Boston. There are several issues to consider for military divorce cases with ties to Massachusetts.

Child Support in MA Military Divorce

Many of the state child support guidelines have changed recently, effecting some military families of divorce. Some of those changes include the following:

  1. New forms of income are now included when calculating child support, such as second jobs, Social Security, and Disability.
  2. If a child support order is over 3 years old, the parent can request child support modification…even in cases where circumstances have not changed.
  3. If one party is paying for child care, that money can be deducted from child support payments.
  4. Recreation and other major expenses are now the responsibility of both parents, therefore the full cost is not included in child support amounts.
  5. Child support no longer goes up as the child gets older.
  6. If one party is ordered to pay child support, an order of alimony payments could still be given.

Massachusetts Deployed Parents and Divorce

In cases where one or both parents are deployed, the deployed parent may feel that he or she will not be awarded visitation or won’t be able to visit on the allotted days. He or she may fear that they will lose touch with their child. A good family law attorney in Boston will be knowledgeable in the state’s guidelines concerning deployed military parents and will fight to ensure you remain in contact with your child. Since the federal law can become involved in military divorce and child custody settlements, you will need a Boston divorce attorney who is familiar with both state and federal laws which pertain to your case.

Visitation and the Military Divorce

The issue of child visitation can seem horribly unfair even in cases where both parents live in the same town and can easily share time with their children. If one or both parents are in the military, however, visitation can become an impossible mountain that you feel you cannot cross. A good family law lawyer in Boston will understand your special needs and work to ensure that you and your child keep in contact. Even in cases where you cannot get home to see them, virtual visitation is a possibility and can be ordered by the courts. Using video chat programs, you can have one on one time with your child, watch them grow, and see their progress and accomplishments. We will help you fight to remain a significant part of your child’s life.

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