High Asset Divorce Lawyer

Any divorce can be a stressful and challenging experience. When one or both parties involved in the proceedings have accumulated a great deal of net worth, the challenge becomes even greater. There are many issues to be considered in a high asset divorce that could be difficult for even the best divorce attorneys to address. When one or both spouses own a business, corporation, or private practice, or if one or both are popular artists in the entertainment world, there will be even more pressures to deal with during divorce proceedings. When looking for the best high asset law attorney in Boston, keep this in mind.

The Divorce Law Firm You Need

Our divorce attorneys in MA understand the laws regarding divorce where there are properties, businesses and such to consider. In order to discover the value of such assets, financial experts will likely be called in. Aside from tax issues, a family lawyer must also think of investment properties, bank accounts, trust funds, pension plans, savings accounts, stocks and stock options, and in some cases, off shore accounts.

Of course the goal of any alimony lawyer, divorce lawyer, or high asset divorce attorney in Boston should be to protect your assets. In order to do this, the family attorneys in Boston will also search for any hidden assets which your spouse may have tried to hide from you. Cars, boats, Rvs and much more will also be considered. Jewelry, artwork, coins, and other luxury items should be included as well. Your divorce attorney in MA should be confident in handling the court papers, financial records, and detailed contracts that will represent your holdings as well as your spouse’s.

Large Property Settlement Lawyer

The high asset divorce lawyer whom you choose to handle your case should be knowledgeable in Massachusetts state laws regarding fair and equitable property division settlements. Basically, the state laws settle divorce proceedings as though they were the division of a financial partnership. Although Massachusetts is considered to be an equitable division state, that does not mean that assets will be divided equally. The state will consider many other things, including how long you were married, how you and your spouse conducted yourselves during the marriage, your age and health, jobs, liabilities, alimony, and more. With all of the issues to be taken into consideration, even miscalculations or mistakes which seem very small could cost you a great deal of money in the future. Because of this, it is vital that you choose a Boston divorce attorney who can handle your case and protect your assets.

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