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As stressful as divorce can be for both spouses and their kids, a child custody dispute can make things even harder to deal with. Up until the time of separation, both parents have had unlimited access to their kids with no one determining when it is “okay” for them to see their own flesh and blood. Likewise, the children have been able to see both parents practically anytime they wanted to with no one to step in and say it is not the right time. Now all of that has changed. For the child’s sake, it is always best if divorcing parents can remain amicable and find a child custody agreement that they can both be satisfied with. If this is not the case in your situation, however, you will need the best family law attorney in Boston. If your case is even more complex, you may also need your attorney to be a domestic abuse lawyer, or child support attorney.

Child Custody Lawyer

According to Massachusetts law, the decisions of any judge regarding child custody will be based upon what the judge feels is in the best interest of the child. In most cases, a judge will feel that even though the parents may not get along anymore, their child(ren) still need(s) them both. When choosing a family law lawyer, it is best to choose one that will put the needs of your child ahead of the desire of the parent…even when that parent is you. This helps the judge to see that your first concern is that of your child’s security and well-being, and may help the judge be more favorable to your case. But where the child will live (or physical custody) is not the only issue involved in child custody cases in MA. One must also consider legal custody.

Fighting for your right to be a parent

Legal custody usually refers to the parents’ rights to make legal and medical decisions regarding their child. In most cases, unless some sort of abuse was involved, a judge will give legal custody to both parents… or joint legal custody. If this is not in the best interest of your child, you will need an excellent child custody lawyer.

Visitation Rights

Another thing to consider is child visitation. With one parent usually named as the custodial parent, the other will be granted visitation rights. This determines when the child or children can visit the non-custodial parent. Also in Massachusetts, any parent who is going through a divorce, and has a minor child, must go through a Parent Education Program. These programs help to teach parents how to keep the pain and stress level of kids in divorce cases as low as possible.

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