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When Are Drunk Driving Accidents are the Worst?

Despite the numerous campaigns and crackdowns that are designed to put an end to drunk driving both in Massachusetts and nationwide, impaired driving continues to be a top killer on our roadways. To be sure, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that every day, there are nearly 30 people killed in alcohol-impaired crashes […]

How to Split Up a Business in a Divorce

Reaching a property division agreement is a common part of any divorce proceeding. For some couples, dividing property is easy, especially when couples have not been married for very long or don’t own very many assets. Dividing property is also more straightforward when a prenuptial agreement exists because, assuming the prenup is valid, property will […]

Why You Need a Prenup

When a couple is thinking about marriage, there is a lot of planning to do. Indeed, the couple will no doubt have a conversation about their finances, make a decision about where they want to live, consider their budget for buying or renting a home, discuss the prospect of children in the future, and more. […]

Top Signs of Medical Malpractice

We respect and honor our physicians, nurses and other medical providers who save lives and offer us relief from pain and other disabilities. However, like everyone else, medical providers make mistakes that are of commission or omission. Because our health is at stake, a medical error can lead to catastrophic results including death that could […]

Splitting Up a Business in a Divorce

Once a couple decides to end their marriage, there may be issues of custody and visitation if there are children of the marriage, and over division of the marital assets. Marital assets are all property, including debts, that were obtained or accumulated during the marriage. This includes a business, whether it was started and owned […]

Slip and Fall On an Icy Sidewalk

Winters in Boston and throughout New England bring certain hazards not found in the warmer climates. Snow and ice on sidewalks and driveways present dangers to all persons where a slip and fall can result in injuries ranging from minor sprains and bruises to broken limbs and traumatic head injuries.

Prenups in Boston Why You Need One

Most people have heard of prenuptial agreements but usually in the context of a spouse of a well-known and wealthy individual contesting the agreement in his or her own marriage. Prenups are essentially contracts between couples as to how their property and assets are to be divided in the event of a divorce.

Injured While Sledding Who is Responsible?

Sledding is one of the most entertaining activities you can engage in during the winter months. Sleds range widely in size and functionality, but the main point is getting down the hill or slope quickly and safely. Most areas that allow sledding are on municipal property or in parks owned by the city, however, private […]

Icy Roads Accidents

Although most car accidents are fender benders, millions of people are injured each year in auto accidents with a high percentage taking place during the coldest months. Boston motorists are used to extreme weather conditions so it should come as no surprise that by using their experience and commonsense, they can prevent many car accidents […]

Grandparents Rights What You Need to Know

It may not be surprising to learn that the rights of grandparents to custody or visitation of their grandchildren are largely secondary to those of the parents who may be married, unmarried or divorced. This rests on the presumption that the decision of the parents has “presumptive validity,” or that the parent is fit to […]