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What about the catheter?

A urinary catheter is a standard medical device that nearly all healthcare professionals are familiar with. Inserted into a person’s bladder via the urethra, a catheter is used to collect urine when a patient in a hospital cannot control his or her own bladder. While catheters can be essential medical devices in many situations, an […]

Doctor Stress Leads to Medical Malpractice

There’s no doubt that doctors have stressful jobs–between the long hours and the emotional energy spent on treating patients, a career in medicine is one of the most demanding jobs that there is. And, studies show that doctors who have been sued for medical malpractice have even higher levels of stress–medical malpractice can lead to […]

When Hospital Mismanagement Leads to Patient Harm

When most people think about medical malpractice, they think of specific acts that a doctor takes to cause harm to a patient, e.g. using forceps incorrectly during the delivery of a baby, leaving an object within a patient, and the like. What may be rarely considered, though, is malpractice that is caused not by a […]

What to Do If Your Pediatrician Refuses to See Your Child

Can a Doctor Who Refuses to See an Unvaccinated Child Be Liable for Medical Malpractice? One of the largest medical debates in the country today is that regarding vaccinations. While most in the United States—including the vast majority of health, medical, and scientific professionals—agree that all children should receive routine vaccinations, there are a growing […]

Rates of Healthcare-Associated Infections on the Decline

Healthcare-associated infections, also known as hospital-acquired infections or simply HAIs, are a serious problem in the United States. Targeting those with the weakest immune systems, HAIs can cause devastating medical consequences, including death, for patients in health centers across the United States. But recent statistics bring to light some good news: the rate of HAIs […]