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Common Holiday Accidents and Injuries

The holidays may be full of cheer and joy, but they’re also a time of the year where the risk of injury is high. Indeed, from car accidents to retail slip and falls and more, emergency room visits tend to peak during the holidays. At the law offices of Lovenberg & Associates, P.C., we understand […]

Can I File a Personal Injury Lawsuit for Assault & Battery?

Most personal injury lawsuits are the result of negligence and unintentional torts. Indeed, a person, without having any intent to cause harm, does something that’s unsafe, unreasonable, or lacks care, such as using their cellphone while driving or failing to repair a dangerous condition on their property. As a result of this negligence, another person […]

E-Scooter Injuries and Liability in Boston

If you live in Boston, you’ve no doubt noticed a significant increase in the presence of electric scooters on city streets. In fact, there are often thousands of scooters that are competing for space with pedestrians at one time. And while the scooters are fun, popular, and a faster way to get around when compared […]