When you ride an elevator or an escalator, you have a reasonable expectation regarding its performance. But defects and other issues can lead to injuries. Call Lovenberg & Associates, P.C. if you’ve been in an accident. 

Whether you’re wandering around a shopping mall, traveling to your office on the 15th floor of the building, or navigating the airport, encountering elevators and escalators is a common part of modern life. Indeed, the use of such technology is so routine that it’s rare for a person to question the safety of an escalator or elevator. But elevator and escalator accidents do happen and, when they do, the results can be traumatic. If you’ve been involved in an escalator or elevator accident in our state, reach out to Lovenberg & Associates, P.C. for the legal counsel you can trust. 

Types of Elevator and Escalator Accidents

Elevator and escalator accidents can take a variety of different forms. These might include:

  • Slips, trips, and falls when boarding or deboarding the elevator or escalator. 
  • Entrapment injuries, which involve part of a person’s being or clothing, such as hair, a scarf, or shoelaces, becoming caught in the apparatus. This is more common when riding escalators.
  • Elevator fall/drop injuries, which occur when the elevator drops multiple floors unexpectedly. Another severe accident type that may occur is in the event that a person calls an elevator and enters the elevator shaft when the doors open, only to realize too late that the elevator is not present, resulting in the individual falling down the elevator shaft.

The above accident types can lead to tragic injuries, including bone fractures, head injuries, strangulation injuries, lacerations, amputation injuries, and fatal injuries. 

Who’s Liable for an Elevator/Escalator Accident?

When an escalator or elevator accident occurs, it’s important that the cause is determined so that the individual who’s been injured can seek damages for their harm. Causes of these types of accidents might include manufacturing defects, equipment malfunctions, inadequate maintenance, inadequate inspections, or defective parts. A breach of laws and regulations related to installation, inspection, design, and maintenance may also lead to an accident. 

How Our Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

If you’ve been involved in an elevator or escalator accident, our lawyers can help by investigating your case and determining the root cause of the incident. From there, we will build your claim and help you to bring your case against the at-fault party. We can also calculate your damages, negotiate your settlement, and represent you in litigation if need be. Our goal is to make sure you feel like you have a trusted advocate on your side who you can count on to handle 100 percent of your claim while you focus on your recovery.

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