It’s no secret that Boston winters are tough. Freezing rain falls and becomes sheets of black ice and blankets of snow obscure tripping hazards like broken steps, potholes and raised barriers. 

A winter fall can lead to a severe injury that leaves you in recovery for weeks or even months. During that time, you could be racking up medical bills, missing out on wages because you’re missing work and potentially having to shell out for a cleaning service or other help with domestic chores you can’t do on your own. 

What to Do After a Fall

If you slip and fall on snow or ice, the first thing you should do is try to determine if you’ve been hurt or not. If you feel you cannot safely stand back up, call for help using either your voice or your cell phone. 

If you’re able, take photos of your surroundings. Photos showing the conditions that caused you to fall are important pieces of evidence to support your personal injury claim if you choose to file one. 

Seek medical attention as soon as possible after your fall. Describe what caused your fall and how you landed to your doctor so she can accurately diagnose your injury. Even if you don’t feel like you suffered an injury, it’s important to have a doctor examine you to confirm this is the case. It’s possible you suffered an invisible injury like a concussion or an injury that seems minor at first, but becomes severe when left untreated. Follow your doctor’s prescribed treatment plan not only because this is the most effective way to make a full recovery, but because showing that you made a good faith effort to recover will improve your likelihood of being awarded compensation. 

After you’ve received a diagnosis and appropriate medical care, contact an experienced Boston personal injury lawyer to discuss your unique case. The sooner you start working with a lawyer, the better chance you’ll have of successfully recovering compensation for your injury-related expenses. 

Slips and Falls can mean Severe Injuries

Even a seemingly minor fall can result in a severe injury. Potential injuries you can suffer include:

  • Broken bones
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Cuts
  • Head injuries

In some cases, a fall injury is relatively minor and requires minimal medical intervention. More severe injuries require more extensive medical care and a greater recovery period. In some cases, injuries sustained in falls lead to permanent disfigurement and disabilities. 

Property Owners are Liable for Fall Victims’ Damages

Private property owners have what is known as duty of care to the people who enter their property. Basically, this means they are obligated to maintain a safe environment that’s free from injury hazards. Government entities have a similar duty. 

This means that when winter weather creates slippery conditions, property owners have the duty to remediate these conditions. This means:

  • Salting sidewalks, walkways and outdoor steps
  • Shoveling walkways to create clear paths for pedestrians
  • Placing mats at doorways where pedestrians entering buildings can stomp excess water off their feet
  • Placing caution signs in all areas where floors may be wet due to outdoor conditions 

When a property owner fails to take adequate care to make his property safe for visitors, he is liable for any damages victims injured on his property suffer. This is true for both residential and commercial property owners. 

A Boston Personal Injury Lawyer can Help you Get the Compensation you Deserve

If you’re laid up after slipping and falling somewhere that shouldn’t have been a slip and fall hazard, you have the right to pursue financial compensation for all your related losses. To learn more about your rights as an injured victim, call 617-973-9950 today to schedule your free consultation with Lovenberg & Associates, P.C.