Being involved in a car accident can be an extremely emotional and traumatizing event, especially if the car accident results in serious injuries and losses. Even more trying, though, can be the frustration of dealing with an insurance adjuster long after your crash has occurred. While you may feel as though you’re entitled to a certain compensation award, the insurance adjuster may offer you far less than you believe you deserve. At the law offices of Lovenberg & Associates, P.C., we can help you to negotiate your Boston car accident settlement and recover the award you’re owed. To get started, reach out to us directly today. In the meantime, here are some tips for negotiating your Boston car accident settlement–

Don’t Accept the First Offer

Above all else, the very first tip for getting the settlement amount that you deserve is to never accept the first settlement offer. While you may have high hopes that the insurance adjuster assigned to your case will offer you a settlement that is fair, the majority of first-time settlement offers are lowballed. Once you accept a settlement, though, you forfeit your right to any further damages. Avoid this dilemma by never accepting without the approval of an attorney, first. 

Remain Polite and Professional

Getting frustrated, angry, and emotional is normal, but it won’t do you any favors in conversations with the insurance adjuster. Indeed, if you’re emotional, you’re more likely to say something you shouldn’t, including something that may jeopardize your claim. Staying calm and patient will be key throughout the process – if this feels like something that’s beyond your ability level to do, hire an attorney to represent you. 

Know How Much Your Claim Is Worth

If you don’t know how much your case is worth, you won’t know whether or not a settlement offer is fair. Work with professionals and experts who can assess the value of your damages, including the value of your economic and noneconomic losses. 

Be Ready with Documentation

If the insurance adjuster offers you less than you deserve based on the premise that you were at fault for your injuries, your damages aren’t that severe, or another nonsense excuse, you can be ready to fight back if you have documentation that proves your case. This is one of the key reasons that working with professionals, including accident reconstruction and investigation experts, from the get-go is so critical. Without strong documentation and evidence, you’ll have a harder time recovering the amount you’re owed. 

Hire an Attorney Early 

Finally, one of the best tips for negotiating your Boston car accident settlement and recovering the amount you’re entitled to is to work with an attorney. What’s more, the earlier in the process that you hire an attorney, the better. An experienced lawyer will know what the insurer is looking for and best practices when it comes to claim negotiations. 

We’re Ready to Advocate for You

At the law offices of Lovenberg & Associates, P.C., our experienced Boston car accident lawyers are ready to advocate for you. To learn more about how we can help you get your full compensation amount, call us today at (617) 973-9950 or send us a confidential message online telling us more about your case.