The holidays may be full of cheer and joy, but they’re also a time of the year where the risk of injury is high. Indeed, from car accidents to retail slip and falls and more, emergency room visits tend to peak during the holidays. At the law offices of Lovenberg & Associates, P.C., we understand how quickly an accident and injury can ruin a good time, not to mention put a major dent in your future long-term. Consider some of these most common holiday accidents and injuries, and be sure to reach out to our team directly if you need legal counsel–

Car Accidents

During the holiday season, two things happen: more drivers take to the road, many of whom are engaging in long-distance travel on roads with which they are unfamiliar, and more people drink and drive. These two things combined–along with an increased risk of poor weather conditions–lead to more dangerous driving conditions and a spike in car accidents, including a spike in alcohol-involved crashes. 

Falls from Height

Falls from heights don’t only affect construction workers. During the holiday season, falls as a result of decorating gone wrong happen, too. In fact, the Consumer Products Safety Commission reports that during the holiday season, around 12,000-15,000 people wind up in the emergency room for holiday decorating-related accidents. 

Slip and Falls

A slip and fall can happen at any time of the year, but during the holiday season, slip and fall accidents become more frequent. Outside, the weather is often less than ideal, and property owners often neglect their duty to remove snow and ice, leading to hazards. And inside, retail stores are often packed full of customers, some of whom may push and shove in order to get their hands on a discount item (this is especially true on Black Friday). 

Emergency Room Errors 

Think that the emergency room is the safest place to go in the event that you have an accident during the holidays? Think again. During the holiday season, the rate of ER visits increases dramatically, and that increase leads to overcrowding. And, according to Reuters Health, ER crowding is related to higher in-hospital death rates.

While overcrowding in the emergency room may make it more difficult to administer high-quality care, note that even in its busiest of times, emergency rooms are obligated to provide a high level of care. If your right to care is breached and you suffer harm, you can bring forth a civil action against the emergency room.

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