SocialmMedia AbuseThe information that is shared on social media is not always positive nor appropriate. That being said, seeing someone rant about their ex or post a picture in which they are scantily clad is not nearly as shocking as what is going on in some nursing homes throughout the country. To be sure, recent reports indicate that some nursing home workers are taking inappropriate pictures and videos of nursing home residents – some of them sexual – and sharing them on social media networks.

The Horrors of Nursing Homes and Social Media


A recent article in NPR news shares the horrific story of a nursing home resident – an elderly man – being photographed with his pants around his ankles, and his hands and legs covered in feces. The picture was shared on social media.


Disgustingly, this story of a nursing home resident being exploited on social media is not a single isolated event; multiple incidents of residents being photographed, and having their pictures shared on social platforms, have surfaced. In fact, last year ProPublica identified 44 cases of similar stories, including a selfie on snapchat of a youth volunteer and a 108-year-old woman urinating, a video in which an elderly patient in a wheelchair was bound and harassed, a case of a staff member posting a picture of a resident while the resident was going to the bathroom, and a heartbreaking video of a resident slapping the face of a 97-year-old patient with dementia as the patient continually said, “Don’t, don’t!” – you can hear the sickening laughter of the employees in the background.


Social Media Exploitation IS Medical Malpractice


Not only is posting a picture or video of a resident on social media completely unethical, and perhaps illegal depending upon the content, but it may also be a justification for filing a medical malpractice suit as well. Not only is it clearly an indication that the employee (oftentimes a medical professional) is doing something outside of what is considered reasonable and within their field of practice, but it may lead to the physical or emotional harm of the patient as well. At Lovenberg & Associates, P.C., we believe that those who abuse residents in this manner should be held accountable to the full extent of the law, including civil charges.


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