Healthcare providers have a duty to provide a high level of care to their patients. Unfortunately, though, this doesn’t always happen. If you’ve been a victim of medical malpractice in Boston, you need to call the attorneys at Lovenberg & Associates, P.C. now. The following reviews five of the most horrific medical malpractice stories—



Wrong Kidney Removed


In 2012, a California patient required surgery to remove his kidney, which was infected with a serious tumor. The surgeon, Doctor Charles Coonan Streit, relied on memory when performing the surgery, unintentionally removing the wrong – and healthy – kidney, and leaving the diseased one within the patient, according to a December 2014 article in CBS News. The surgeon was placed on probation for three years’ time


Leg Amputated Mistakenly


Dr. Rolando R. Sanchez mistakenly amputated the wrong leg of a Willie King, a man who required an amputation due to disease. According to a 1995 article in The New York Times that reviewed the medical malpractice trial, the error was made due to flaws in the communication process between hospital staffers and nurses – the patient’s chart and the blackboard in the operating room both had the wrong leg listed for amputation. King received a settlement amount of $1.2 million for the mistake.


Operation on the Wrong Side of the Brain


In 2007, surgeons at the Rhode Island Hospital performed surgery on the wrong side of patients’ brains not once, not twice, but an overwhelming three times. A November 27, 2007 article in CBS News states that the hospital was fined a mere $50,000 for the errors, and received the equivalent of a slap on the wrist from the Rhode Island Department of Health. While two of the patients didn’t suffer serious injuries based on the mistake, the third patient died a few weeks post surgery.


Surgical Sponge Left Inside Patient


In spring of 2010, Erica Parks underwent a cesarean section to deliver her baby at a hospital in Alabama. But in the weeks following the surgery, it was clear something wasn’t right: Parks’ stomach began to swell severely, and on the sixth week after the surgery, her organs began to shut down, and she sought emergency care. Shockingly, an x-ray revealed that surgeons who performed the C-section had left a surgical sponge within Parks. While Parks survived, she is faced with lifelong complications, including potentially being unable to have another child, according to a 2013 USA Today report.


Wrong Blood Type Injected into Young Girl


One of the most tragic cases of medical malpractice involved a 17-year-old girl, Jesica Santilan, who died when doctors used donated organs to save her life, but the organs were of the wrong blood type. Jesica was a type O blood type; the organs she received were type A, as revealed by a 2003 article in CBS News. When Jesica’s body received the organs, it immediately began rejecting them, and she quickly slipped into a coma. Soon after that, Jesica died as a result of the major surgical error.


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