Beautiful woman having massage.With the emergence of more medical spas through the Boston area and the U.S., questions are being raised about medical spas regulations, licensing, and whether or not medicals spas can be held liable for medical malpractice. If you have been treated at a medical spa in Massachusetts and have suffered harm, medical malpractice attorney Doug Lovenberg can represent you.

What is a medical spa?

A medical spa refers to a unique combination between a standard beauty spa and a medical facility. Some treatments and procedures that are often offered and performed at medical spas include:
· Botox injections;
· Face lifts;
· Laser hair removal;
· Spider vein removal;
· Tummy tucks;
· Breast implants;
· Rhinoplasty;
· Liposuction; and
· Eyelid surgery.
Some medical spas perform only minimally invasive procedures, like Botox, while others perform much more intensive procedures, like liposuction. Regardless of the type of procedure being performed, both can be dangerous when proper care isn’t employed.

Medical Spa Mistakes

While medical spas operate under the guise of being medical facilities, often times, beauty cosmetologists, not actual doctors, are performing procedures. And even when doctors are present, improper techniques, communication errors, facility practices, and error can all lead to patient harm. Types of harm that a patient may incur at a medical spa includes:
· Laser burns;
· Scarring/disfigurement;
· Facial paralysis;
· Excessive bleeding;
· Anesthesia error; and
· Infection.
The above can lead to serious injury or health complications, and even death in severe cases. Furthermore, health complications/injuries can require additional surgeries/medical care to correct, which can be expensive, and physically and mentally anguishing.

Can a medical spa be held liable for my injuries?

Yes – professionals working at a medical spa owe all patients a very high duty of care. When a professional in a medical spa acts negligently—i.e., failing to sterilize equipment, using unsafe surgical techniques, leaving an object within a patient, etc.—he or she can be held liable for his/her actions. In addition to holding the individual practitioner liable, the medical spa facility as a whole may be liable too.
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