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Things aren’t going well for urologist Michael Kaplan of Las Vegas; for the second time this year, a medical malpractice suit has been filed against the doctor. Furthermore, Kaplan is also avoiding a four-year prison sentence while he appeals a medical criminal case, unrelated to the two medical malpractice incidents. What’s more, Kaplan’s medical license was also briefly suspended in 2011. The recent acts of malpractice raise questions about who should be allowed to practice medicine, and how many strikes it takes to have a medical license permanently revoked.



Two Medical Malpractice Suits Pending


The two medical malpractice suits that have been filed against Dr. Kaplan are unrelated, although widows whose husbands have died while in Kaplan’s care have filed both. The first, Connie Mulick, filed her lawsuit in early 2015. Her husband, claims Mulick, was admitted to an emergency room in February of 2014 for treatment of a urinary condition, and was seen by Kaplan. During a surgical procedure, a bladder tumor and bladder perforation were found; Mulik’s heart stopped, he developed renal failure, and died. The death, according to the coroner’s office, was caused by complications of the bladder perforation.


Arlene Muller filed the second medical malpractice case on July 24, 2015. According to Muller, her husband was in Kaplan’s care, who “failed to evaluate Mr. Muller for an extended period of time,” and “failed to perform a biopsy on Mr. Muller’s bladder” when a CT scan indicated a high probability of cancer. On July 26, 2015, Mr. Muller’s bladder ruptured during a surgery performed by Kaplan. The rupture resulted in the spread of cancer, ultimately leading to death.


A History of Medical Errors


The 2015 medical malpractice cases against Kaplan are just two instances in a long history of medical errors. In September 2014, Kaplan was found guilty on criminal charges of conspiracy to commit adulteration. The charge was based on Kaplan’s negligent reuse of rectal needle guides on patients. In March 2011, the State Board of Medical Examiners briefly suspended his medical license following an investigation. In 2005, the State Board of Medical Examiners also found Kaplan guilty of failing to use “reasonable care, skill, or knowledge.” And, finally, at least two medical malpractice payments have been made in the past by Kaplan’s medical malpractice insurance company.


Putting an End to Medical Malpractice – Contact a Massachusetts Lawyer


Kaplan’s colorful history of medical errors highlights the importance of conducting thorough research on a doctor before choosing to receive care. It also emphasizes the importance, perhaps, of revoking doctors’ medical licenses when multiple mistakes have been committed.


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