Young couple after quarrel sitting back to back

Separating from a spouse can be a difficult and frustrating time. In order to make this time go by smoother, some people seek mediation instead of an actual divorce. While this can benefit some couples, mediation is often not the right path for couples who are nearing the end of their marriage. Knowing why divorce can sometimes provide a better option than mediation is important when considering what path you will end up taking.


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While mediation can provide useful services to couples in need, there are two primary factors you should consider before seeking this route over an actual divorce:



Is Your Spouse Aggressive?


Whether your spouse is a bully or simply refuses to come to compromises, if you have difficulty communicating with your spouse, mediation is probably not the best option for your situation. Without the ability to effectively come to a  middle ground on issues, and plan your future in a reasonable manner, mediation will likely just end up benefiting your spouse and create additional problems within the marriage. If you are experiencing a poor marriage with a spouse that does not provide proper attention and understanding, divorce is your best option.


Is Your Spouse Responsible?


While both mediation and divorce can lead to legal fees that will need to be handled in a responsible fashion, mediation is not as permanent and effective as a divorce in most cases. With a divorce, you can be sure that the desired effects will be in place once the process is finished, but with mediation you may find that the time and money you spent on the process amounted to very little in the long run.



Whether you choose to go with divorce or mediation, your abilities to navigate the process will benefit greatly from a talented attorney. If you want legal advice, instruction and representation you can trust in the Boston area, contact Doug Lovenberg and the professionals at Lovenberg and Associates today. If you suspect are ready to start weighing the options associated with your marriage, please call 617‑973‑9950 or contact us online today for a free consultation.