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Medical malpractice is a large cause of patient death and serious harm every year in the United States. If you think that you’ve been the victim of medical malpractice, knowing the best course of action moving forward can be confusing. If you suspect that medical malpractice has occurred, here’s what you need to begin doing immediately:

Begin Documenting the Malpractice


The first thing that you should do if you suspect that medical malpractice has occurred is to begin documenting that malpractice as soon as possible. This includes documenting any lab results, appointments or conversations with your doctor, surgeries, prescribed medications or treatment methods, dates of care received, names of other medical professionals involved, and your personal symptoms/harm/results experienced. Make these notes as thorough as possible – the more details that you can recall, the more substantial your evidence is, and the easier it will be to prove that malpractice occurred.


Start Asking Questions


Asking your doctor or the hospital where you’ve been receiving care questions about the treatment you’ve undergone or the pain you’ve suffered can be intimidating. However, asking questions can be pivotal in getting you the damages amount you deserve. Ask for an explanation as to why your injuries occurred and how the injuries will be remedied. This is not a time to be judgemental; instead, try to collect the facts surrounding your injury. As a patient, you have a right to know exactly what happened.


Ask for a Hospital Investigation


If your injury is extremely serious, it may be beneficial to ask the hospital to conduct its own investigation to discover what exactly happened. Often times, a hospital investigation will not product the results that medical malpractice victim is looking for – the results of the investigation may not be revealed to you. However, asking for an investigation will at least raise awareness about the malpractice, and may lead to an explanation by the hospital’s risk manager.


Contact a Boston Medical Malpractice Attorney


If you believe that you’ve been a victim of medical malpractice in Boston, you should contact a professional medical malpractice attorney as soon as you can. Not only do you need to make sure that your claim is filed within the state’s statute of limitations, but an attorney can help you get to the bottom of whatever the hospital isn’t telling you, and can help you to obtain the legal leverage necessary to have all your questions about the harm you’ve suffered answered. What’s more, a medical malpractice attorney can also help you to collect evidence that will be crucial to filing a medical malpractice claim, and can help you to prove that a clear breach of the medical standard of care occurred, resulting in your injuries.


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