A hip replacement surgery is a common surgery type for those with severe hip damage, according to MedlinePlus. Most commonly, older adults, or patients who have experienced severe hip trauma, pursue hip replacement surgeries. The purpose of a hip replacement surgery is to replace the damaged joint, resulting in less pain, more mobility, and increased comfort and physical ability for the patient. Unfortunately, though, hip replacements don’t always go as planned. If your hip has been replaced with a defective medical device, contact the attorneys at Lovenberg & Associates, P.C. now.


Zimmer’s Durom Acetabular Component Recalled


Zimmer Holdings Inc. is one of the biggest manufacturers of medical devices, specifically joint replacement devices. On July 22, 2008, Zimmer voluntarily recalled its Durom Acetabular Components, often referred to as “Durom Cups,” due to the fact that the instructions for use were inadequate, according to a Products and Medical Devices – Recalls page published by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.


Harm Caused to Patients by Durom Cups


The fact that the instructions were incorrect for use regarding the Durom Cups was the beginning of a larger problem regarding the medical devices. While the hip replacement parts were designed to provide long-lasting durability and increased mobility for patients requiring hip replacement surgery, defects in the medical device result in the opposite. Instead of increasing mobility for patients, some Durom Cups slipped out of place, causing severe pain for affected patients. The slippage not only resulted in pain and discomfort, but required many patients to undergo a secondary surgery to correct the error. What’s more, a hip replacement dislocation can lead to blood clots and infections – both of which can be dangerous or deadly.


Lawsuits Filed Against Zimmer Holdings Inc.


A number of patients who received a defective Durom Cup during a hip replacement surgery have filed suit against Zimmer Holdings Inc. Some of these patients have been compensated for their injuries. If you are a victim of a defective Zimmer medical device, you have the right to take legal action. Those who may be held liable for your injuries include Zimmer Holdings Inc. and/or the surgeon who performed your surgery. Damages that may be available include economic damages, and damages for pain and suffering.


Let a Boston Medical Malpractice Attorney Help You


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