For those who suffer from deterioration of the knee based on age, injury, or a disease or medical condition, a knee replacement surgery can be a viable option. For many, knee replacement surgery reduces pain and restores mobility to the knee, providing a positive change in ability and lifestyle. However, when a knee replacement surgery is performed with defective parts, the consequences for a patient can be devastating. If this has happened to you, you need the legal assistance of the Boston Medical Malpractice attorneys at Lovenberg & Associates, P.C. now.


Stryker Knee Replacements Lawyer


On April 10, 2013, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration published a Medical Device Safety Class I recall of Stryker Orthopaedics’ ShapeMatch Cutting Guide. According to the recall announcement, the recall was based on the following:


  • The parameters of the manufactured cutting guides did not meet preoperative planning parameters;
  • When the parameters were edited, they did not meet standards approved by the Food and Drug Administration; and
  • A software defect in the product meant that parameters did not match the cutting guide.


The above errors in the Stryker knee replacement systems were determined to lead to a number of health complications for affected patients.


Complications Caused by Defective Knee Replacements


When a knee replacement system is defective, a patient who undergoes knee replacement surgery and receives the defective part is at risk of a host of complications. In regards to the Stryker recall, affected patients were at an increased risk of joint instability, fracture, limited mobility, chronic pain, and the necessity of a secondary surgery to correct the defective product.


What should I do if I’m the victim of a defective knee replacement?


If you’ve are the victim of a knee replacement surgery that was performed with a defective medical device, such as a defective knee replacement system manufactured by Stryker Orthopaedics, and if you have suffered adverse effects as a result, you should speak with an attorney.  There have already been a number of class action lawsuits against Stryker Orthopaedics filed – you may be able to join in an existing class action lawsuit, or file your own personal injury lawsuit against the company.


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Patients have the right to receive healthcare services that are of the highest quality possible. If your knee was replaced with a defective part, then you have the right to pursue damages for harm that you’ve suffered. At Lovenberg & Associates, P.C., our attorneys will help you to determine who’s liable for your harm, and assist you filing your claim for damages. Call us now for a free case consultation at 617-973-9950.