Paramedic Malpractice AttorneyParamedics are often required to make snap decisions in the face of hideous emergency. With no chance to change their decisions and alter their actions, when a paramedic makes the wrong decision, patient injury will likely result.


If the paramedic was acting against protocol, and patient injury or death occurred, the paramedic’s employer is liable for medical malpractice. There are laws protecting individual paramedics from medical malpractice lawsuits, although criminal charges may result.

Paramedic Medical Malpractice Examples


When a paramedic is able to save a life, prevent further injury, or prevent future death by following standing orders, emergency protocols, and good judgement, but don’t, medical malpractice claims can be filed. Some examples of how a paramedic’s mistakes in judgement can be considered medical malpractice include:


  • Giving the wrong diagnosis, or the wrong treatment, when they should know otherwise
  • Providing the wrong treatment, or performing a known procedure incorrectly
  • Not considering obvious health conditions when making decisions
  • Failing to see hazards, causing further injury, illness, or death
  • Failing to see life-endangering injuries or illnesses, resulting in further injury, illness, or death
  • Failing to follow protocols and procedures, resulting in patient injury, illness, or death


Overtired, overworked paramedics are more likely to make errors that amount to medical malpractice. When people become overtired, our judgement and attention spans are impaired, and quick decisions aren’t always the right ones.


In a paramedic’s role, it’s very important that all decisions are made correctly, with a clear head. Failure to be clear-headed while in charge of another’s safety is medical malpractice.


Real Examples of Paramedic Medical Malpractice


One Boston medical malpractice lawyer involved the paramedic allegedly falsifying reports, including reports of the infant patient’s vital signs, and the times that he administered medication. The ten month old infant was having febrile seizures as a result of a high fever. The paramedics on duty failed the infant girl in several ways, leaving her severely disabled. The paramedics were guilty of medical malpractice when they:


  • Refused assistance when police officers tried to give them directions to the home
  • Cared for the child with apparent nonchalance, while she suffered continuous seizures
  • Could not administer valium, because they had left the narcotics key behind
  • Allegedly falsified reports to make the situation appear different from what it was


By the time the ambulance reached the hospital, the infant patient had been hypoxic for nearly forty minutes. She survived, but was diagnosed with a serious brain injury, is a spastic quadriplegic, cannot communicate, and is fed through a feeding tube.


Her parents were awarded over 10 million dollars in compensation, to allow them to properly care for their daughter for the rest of her life.


Contacting a Boston Medical Malpractice Lawyer


If you or a loved one have been the victim of indecision, inaction, or improper treatment by a paramedic, a Boston medical malpractice lawyer can help. We’ll investigate your individual case, pinpointing where the malpractice occurred. Then, if you’re eligible to make a malpractice claim, we’ll help you secure the compensation you deserve, and the funding that you’ll need.