Negligent Lab Techncians Leads to LiabilityLab technicians are not what come to mind when medical malpractice is mentioned, but they are too frequently the ones responsible. If you or a loved one has suffered needlessly due to the negligence or other malpractice of a lab technician, contact a Boston medical malpractice lawyer, and we’ll make sure they’re held accountable.



How Common Is Medical Lab Technician Negligence and What Is Being Done About It?


Negligent Lab Techncians Leads to Liability AttorneyScientific tests aren’t as reliable as doctors and patients trust them to be. In fact, malpractice suits involving faulty lab tests are the second most costly to American hospitals, coming after neurology-related malpractice suits.


Thankfully, attention is being drawn to this problem, and changes are being made. Astonishingly inspired by the Toyota production assembly line, some of the new changes include:


  • Automated collecting and testing of samples
  • Elimination, where possible, of human errors
  • Quality control, including checking for errors, and verifying results


While all of these changes should help in minimizing the number of lab technician errors resulting in patient injury, the possibility will always be there. If you’ve been the victim of a lab technician’s neglectful treatment of your lab tests or medication, contact a Boston medical malpractice lawyer, and we’ll get you the compensation you deserve.


How Lab Tech Negligence Leads to Liability Lawsuits


With up to five percent of all lab tests showing false results, the outcome is that patients are being financially, physically, and mentally injured. The more common cases of lab tech neglect that results in patient injury include:


  • Testing insufficient samples, and passing the results off as accurate
  • The contamination of samples prior to testing, altering the results
  • Samples and patient information being mixed up
  • Errors reading and interpreting patient test results
  • Chemical interactions altering test results


The Outcomes of False Test Results


Whether the results are a false positive, and patients are given unnecessary treatment, or false negatives, preventing necessary treatment, these false results are disastrous. Some real examples of how lab technician negligence resulted inpatient injury include:


  • A 34 year old patient had her jaw removed, due to a false positive biopsy
  • Chemical reagents used for tests have been recalled for producing false positives (2006)
  • Class action lawsuit in PA alleges that false negative pap results left many without treatment
  • Loss of employment and opportunities of employment for false positives on drug tests


In one incredibly surprising case from 2012, a lab technician named David Kwiatkowski was injecting himself with patient medications. Using the “borrowed” syringes, he injected himself with fentanyl, an opioid used to treat pain in cancer patients, and refilled the syringes with saline.


Not only was Kwiatkowski then working while under the influence of an illicit drug, stealing, and preventing patients in need from receiving treatment, he was also knowingly exposing each of these patients to his Hepatitis-C infection. Over 30 of these patients have tested positive, and other must take preventative measures for the rest of their lives.


How a Boston Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Help


If you’ve been injured due to the negligence or purposeful misconduct of a lab technician, you’re deserving of compensation. Your physical, mental, and emotional health has been placed at stake by someone you trusted to be part of your medical care team, and a Boston medical malpractice lawyer will help you see justice served, and compensation delivered.