In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, all divorces are treated the same way, whether same sex or heterosexual. Just as in any state, there are laws and rules in place which the courts must adhere to during the divorce process. There are, however, circumstances which can make the divorce process a bit smoother, or a bit harder. Here are some of the top divorce mistakes that people make in a Boston divorce. If you are considering a divorce in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, give Boston Divorce Attorney Doug Lovenberg a call.

Top Boston Divorce Legal Mistakes

  • Attending Mediation With No Financial Planning – It is vital that you undergo some sort of financial planning before you attend mediation. It would make no sense at all to fight for property which you cannot afford. You need to sit down with a financial planning attorney such as Doug Lovenberg before mediation to make sure that your financial situation will be secure.


  • Being Clueless About Your Finances Before Contemplating Divorce – In many couples, there is one party who handles the financial aspects of the entire family’s life. He or she may have all of the bank information, write the checks which pay the bills, study all the financial statements, file the taxes, etc. While there is nothing wrong with this scenario during the marriage, it can be quite detrimental in a divorce for the party who knows nothing of the financial status of their family and its members. Before starting any divorce proceedings, you should be aware of any and all financial dealings which involve you and your spouse.


  • Underestimating The Cost of Living – The financial life of a new divorcee can be quite shocking. Things seemed much easier financially when there were two people contributing to the costs of raising a family, keeping a home, buying a car, upkeeping both car and home, buying school clothes, work clothes, groceries, etc. Even in cases where spousal support or child support is ordered, the cost of living can be much higher than either party in a divorce may estimate. Downsizing to a one-income household can be very harsh, so make sure to count every dime that you may need.


  • Forgetting About Inflation and Other Future Financial Aspects of the Divorce – It is important that you remember that the cost of living will go up every year, and act accordingly when planning a divorce. Especially when children are involved in a divorce, it is imperative to remember that caring for them will cost more and more as each year passes, and that college will cost far more than it does now. It is also important to remember other financial aspects, such as Social Security benefits. If a couple has been married for just ten years, the lower earning party can draw benefits from the higher earning spouse’s Social Security, without affecting their payments. Information on future financial aspects can greatly benefit you in any divorce.

Divorce Attorney Boston

Those are some of the biggest mistakes made by those involved in a Boston divorce. In order to help make sure that you don’t make these, or similar mistakes which could cost you greatly in the future, give Boston Divorce Lawyer Doug Lovenberg a call today at 617-973-9950.